Anti-Brexit Campaigns and Organisations

Britain for Europe

The umbrella organisation for the many grassroots campaign groups similar to Leeds for Europe which have sprung up since the 2016 EU Referendum.  Leeds for Europe are proud to be affiliated to Britain for Europe.

The European Movement​

The European Movement is a long established independent, pro-European organisation, working to give a voice to those who believe that Britain's future lies within the European Union with our European friends and partners.  Leeds for Europe are also affiliated to the European Movement.

Best for Britain

Working to make sure citizens of the UK can make a fully-informed decision on the future of our country, in or out of Europe.  The biggest decision on Brexit is yet to come: whether we should accept or reject the final deal.

End The Chaos

A campaign launched by Gina Miller supporting calls for a People's Vote - as the only way to clear away the confusion, draw a line under Brexit and get back to dealing with the issues facing our country.  The only way to end the chaos.

New Europeans

A pan-European pro-EU campaiging organisation

16 Million Rising

The UK's first, grassroots, Pro-European Radio Show. It is made entirely by cross party activists and available free for everyone to listen to each month, only on Mixcloud. 

European Citizens Initiative

An initiative to use EU law to uphold the right of Union citizens to move and reside freely within the territory of Member States (Directive 2004/38/EC), and to safeguard citizens of the Union from use as bargaining chips in negotiations under Article 50.  1 million signatures are needed, so please add your name now!

Remainiacs Podcast

Remainiacs is the no-nonsense Brexit podcast for people who won’t just shut up and get over Brexit.  Every week they take an honest look at the unfolding shambles that is Britain’s departure from the EU.  Highly recommended!

Word Up Design

Apparel, accessories and gifts for Pro EU passionate people.

Books on Brexit

In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU Citizens in the UK

A powerful and moving collection of testimonies from EU citizens living in the UK who now feel in 'limbo' because of the result of the EU Referendum and the UK government's subsequent failure to guarantee their rights to remain in the UK post-Brexit. 

Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?

The essential handbook to the (im)practicalities of Brexit written by Ian Dunt, one of the few journalists currently making the effort to understand and explain what Brexit actually means and the many obstacles to be overcome if the Brexiters are to make their dream come true.

Brexit, No Exit

Populism, nationalism and xenophobia are surging across Europe and Brexit adds to the problems facing the established political order. This book shows how we reached this stage and what needs to be done now.  As a former MP and Europe minister, and latterly as a commentator and writer on European issues, Denis MacShane has a unique insider perspective on the events that led to Brexit and the behind-the-scenes discussions that followed. 


Richard Corbett

Leader of the Labour Members of the European Parliament, part of the centre-left Socialists & Democrats group.  He was first elected as an MEP in 1996, and has represented Yorkshire & the Humber since 1999.  Richard is Vice Chair of the UK European Movement and also Chair in the European Parliament of the Labour Movement for Europe.

A C Grayling

Renowned philosopher and fierce critic of Brexit.  Regular contributor to the New European.  His latest book is "Democracy and Its Crisis" puts the problems of democracy in the 21st century, particularly in the UK and the US, in a historical context.

The EU in Leeds and Yorkshire

Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership

Information on EU funding in Leeds

Leeds University   Information for students regarding the EU referendum

Europe Direct Leeds Europe Direct Information Centre Leeds is part of a network of 14 centres in the UK and over 500 across Europe.
We provide information about the EU for its citizens at a local level.

The Leeds Observatory  A 'one-stop-shop' website for information and intelligence about communities in Leeds.

Breakdown of EU referendum results in Leeds by mini-count area

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Heading 3

The EU in General​

All Things EU

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