Public Meeting - Brexit: Its Impact on Education, Research & Innovation
Leeds Civic Hall, 25 November 2017

At this, the fourth in our series of public meetings we were again treated to a pair of excellent speakers in Linda McAvan MEP, and Dr Mike Galsworthy of Scientists for EU.  A packed audience heard a first hand account from Mike Galsworthy of the devastating impact that Brexit is likely to have on industries which are vital to the UK's future if we want to continue to be at the cutting edge of new innovation.  Linda McAvan spoke of the exclusion of the UK from European co-operation as uncertainty over future funding arrangements and freedom of movement cast a cloud over the academic and research communities.

The audience made a series of well-argued points and intelligent questions before Vie Clerc Lusandu of 'In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU Citizens in the UK' rounded an enthralling afternoon off with a moving account from this hugely important book.  The meeting was followed by an enjoyable social event at which many of the participants shared their views on the current dire state of the Brexit process.
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Stop Brexit March - Manchester

1 October 2017

Leeds for Europe were proud to participate in the massive Stop Brexit march in Manchester, timed to coincide with the Conservative Party conference.

A good number of us took the train down and made sure that Yorkshire was well represented, sending a strong message to Theresa May that opposition to her reckless Brexit remains as strong as ever!

Stop Brexit Day of Action - 16 September 2017

Leeds for Europe held our biggest Day of Action against Brexit to date on Saturday, 16 September 2017.  The day began with a rally in Dortmund Square, where a dazzling array of speakers addressed an enthralled crowd.

We then moved to Leeds Town Hall, where a Brexit Question Time gave an audience of over 100 people the chance to hear from a panel consisting of Richard Corbett MEP, Emmy van Deurzen of New Europeans, Professor Alan Carling, Martin Hemingway of Leeds Green Party and local businessman Damian Kelly.

Many of the audience were also moved by the contribution of the team behind the recently published book "In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU Citizens in the UK'.

The day was rounded off with an enjoyable social event in a local wine bar.

Campaign Stalls - Summer 2017

Leeds for Europe were campaigning hard throughout the summer. We held a regular street stall on Briggate in the centre of Leeds. 

Street stalls have been extremely important in our fight to stop Brexit.  Every weekend more and more people sign up at our stalls to receive information. We are mobilising the people of Leeds to say no to Brexit and yes to Europe. 

Join us and help fight Brexit. If you want to volunteer at our street stall, message us on the contacts tab.  

One Year On - 24 June 2017

This date marked the anniversary of what is widely regarded as the most catastrophic act of self-harm undertaken by any state since the Second World War, in which a mismanaged and illegitimate plebiscite allowed a minority of the electorate to determine the future of the country. 

To mark the event, Leeds for Europe gathered in City Square to protest in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union.  With the government in chaos,  with no plan, no majority and no guarantee of getting any legislation through the commons, the chances that Brexit will now happen seem doubtful to say the least.

If there ever was a time to protest and put pressure on your elected representatives, now is that time. 

AC Grayling - Fighting for Europe 

Saturday 20th May 2017

Leeds for Europe were delighted to host 'Fighting for Europe', a talk by Professor AC Grayling, one of the leading figures of the remain movement.  Former Leeds MP Michael Meadowcroft also spoke at the event in the main chamber of Leeds Civic Hall.

The event was truly inspirational and provided much intellectual ammunition for our ongoing fight against the stupidity of Brexit.

The float that never was 

Saturday 20th May 2017

The Theresa May float proved like her name-sake to be neither strong nor stable after incurring weather damage on the way to Leeds. 

Leeds for Europe were not to be deterred and made the most of the fine weather to show our support for Britain's membership of the EU by parading through the city from Millennium Square via City Square to our usual campaign pitch on Briggate. 

Brexit and the Political Crash

The Convention on Brexit and the Political Crash – May 12th and 13th – hosted the debate that is absent from Parliament on the impact of Brexit, and focused on the dangers currently posed to democratic and liberal values in Britain and across the west.

Leeds for Europe were pleased to be represented at the convention and helped out on the Britain for Europe exhibition stand throughout the event. 

French Journalists visit Leeds
7th May 2017

We helped out some French journalists, Mathilde and Sophie, from 'Toi d'Europe' who were making a documentary about young people's views on Europe. 

If you want to see the finished documentary you can find it at

NHS themed campaign stall
1st April 2017

We held a themed campaign stall in Leeds to mark the Leeds March for the NHS, one of the largest marches in Leeds for years. 

Click here to view our leaflet highlighting the damage Brexit is already doing to the NHS.

Article 50 Protest 
29th March 2017

We were out in force on the Town Hall steps to mark the triggering of Article 50.  We were promoting the message that Article 50 is reversible and that the real battle to save Britain from Brexit has only just begun. 

The protest was featured on BBC Radio Leeds and Radio Aire, as well as attracting a great deal of attention on social media.

Unite for Europe March
25th March 2017

We organised a coach to take a large group down to London for the Unite for Europe March. 

The march was the largest anti-brexit march so far with well over 100,000 people taking part. 

Speakers included Tim Farron, Nick Clegg, Alastair Campbell, David Lammy MP, Richard Corbett MEP and our own Tom Brufatto, chair of Britain for Europe. 
click here for videos and photos of the event

Brexit - what next? 
18th March 2017

We booked the Council Chambers at the Civic Hall in Leeds for this event. Professor Michael Dougan an expert on EU Law and Richard Corbett MEP spoke at meeting.

The event was extremely well attended. Michael Dougan delivered a damning critique of the governments negotiating position while Richard Corbett outlined how brexit can be stopped. 

There were so many excellent questions from the extremely well-informed audience that the event ran over by about 50 minutes. 

If you missed the talk, read the summary here

Stop the Silence Campaign 11th March 2017

We have been supporting the Stop the Silence campaign. Whether you voted leave or remain the current governement has taken an ever more extreme position on Brexit with a promise to leave the single market and the customs union. Furthermore, they are proposing to walk away from the negotiations if they do not get the deal they want. 

This position was not made clear during the referendum campaign with frequent references that Europe would allow Britian to continue with tariff free trade with the rest of Europe. 
Stop the Silence Video
Campaigning against Brexit in Newcastle

North East for Europe march
Newcastle, 4th March 2017

We had a great turnout at this event with 6 members of Leeds for Europe present. The event was extremely well organised with a great line up of speakers including Professor AC Grayling and Richard Corbett MEP. Madeleina Kay provided the musical highlights.  

Campaigning against brexit in Newcastle

One day without us
20th February 2017

Campaigning against brexit
We we proud to support this campaign. The government's decision to enact the result of the advisory referendum on the 23rd June has badly affected the lives of EU citizens in the UK. Many, who have lived in the UK for years and even decades now suffer from the uncertainty that they may have to leave the country they call home.

Leeds for Europe attended the march and were present at the rally on the town hall steps.  

Campaign stalls in Leeds City Centre 11th, 18th, 25th February, 4th and 11th March

Fighting brexit in Leeds
We started holding campaign stalls in Leeds City Centre in February. The stall was located outside WH Smiths on Lands Lane. The stalls have helped us promote our message and increase our membership. 
Campaigning against Brexit in Leeds

European Movement conference 'Where are we and what can we do'
Sheffield, 4th February 2017

Leeds for Europe attended this event which was extremel successful. Keynote speakers included Sir Andrew Cook, Chair of William Cook Holdings, Prof Chris Husbands, VC of Sheffield Hallam University and Paul Blomfield MP, member of the Shadow Brexit Team. 

Following the event members from the European movement joined Leeds for Europe and York for Europe delegates in discussing ways of fighting Brexit.