The Great Northern Stop Brexit Conference
Creating a Vision of a New Britain Without Brexit
Leeds - Saturday, 8 September 2018

How will a People's Vote be won?  How can we ensure that a future referendum on the UK's status in the EU doesn't just become a re-run of the disastrous 2016 EU referendum?

If we succeed in bringing about a People's Vote, we must make sure that the we on the Remain side of the argument are the ones offering change and hope.  The Leavers must be shown to be the ones who favour the failed status quo.

Leeds for Europe and our partners Stop Brexit Ltd. believe that we need to create a bold, positive vision for the UK after Brexit has been cancelled.  We need to seriously tackle major problems in our nation, such as the democratic deficit, growing inequality, neglect of "left behind" areas and the north-south divide.

Join us at this one day conference, as leading thinkers and a passionate audience debate what the UK and Europe could look like without Brexit and how we communicate this vision to the people in a way which inspires and motivates people to vote in numbers for the UK to stay in the EU.

Tickets are on sale now via Eventbrite, at the special 'Early Bird' price of just £10 each.  This price is available for a limited period only, after which a higher price will be charged, so book now!
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Should We "Respect" The Result Of The 2016 EU Referendum?

It is often said, even by some people who voted Remain in the EU Referendum, that we have to "respect" the outcome.  Do we really?

In this handy document, former Leeds MP, and Leeds for Europe member, Michael Meadowcroft, demolishes this argument.

If you read this, you will be fully armed to explain why the referendum of 2016 is not the final word on the matter and why it should be rejected if we truly believe in Democracy. 

Download the guide here:
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Reasons to Reject the Referendum of 2016

Letters to Yorkshire MPs

Leeds for Europe have been writing to our local MPs setting out our red lines on the Brexit negotitions.  We would strongly encourage everyone to do the same.  You may want to use our letter as inspiration for your own.  It is available for download here:
Letter to MPs.pdf
Letter to MPs.doc

European Capital of Culture 2023:
Leeds Dream Crushed by Brexit

On 23 November 2017 the European Commission confirmed what many had suspected - that because of Brexit no UK city would be eligible to be the European Capital of Culture for the year 2023.  The Yorkshire Evening Post broke the news here.  We wrote to them to give our reaction, part of which was published.  This is the full text of the letter that we sent:

On behalf of Leeds for Europe I write to express our dismay at the news that, because of Brexit, Leeds will not be eligible to become the European Capital of Culture in 2023.  We have no doubt that had this bid been allowed to proceed then Leeds would have had an excellent chance of being awarded the honour of being the UK’s next host city.

This is a particularly cruel blow given that Leeds voted to Remain in the EU in the referendum of June 2016.  Yet this may just be the start of the suffering for our city and its people as the Brexit process picks up momentum.

During and since the EU referendum people who attempted to point out the many downsides of Brexit were accused of scaremongering and exaggeration.  Now that our government is dragging us down the path towards the exit door from the European Union it is becoming apparent that, if anything, the warnings about Brexit have been understated.

On Wednesday in the budget the Chancellor announced that forecasts of the UK’s economic growth have been downgraded for the foreseeable future, making the UK the poorest performing major economy in the world, having been, until the 2016 referendum, one of the best.  Wages are now not expected to return to 2008 levels until 2025 at the earliest.

In the same budget, the government announced that it is setting aside a staggering £3 billion to pay for the costs of implementing Brexit – more than it was able to allocate to funding the NHS.  That is £3bn spent on recruiting civil servants, building lorry parks, installing new IT systems and setting up new bureaucracy to handle tasks previously carried out within the EU.  That is £3bn that we are paying for through our taxes and which will not be available to spend on our schools, hospitals, police or armed forces.  What a waste.

It is not too late to change our minds about Brexit.  Leeds for Europe are campaigning for a referendum to be held once the full implications of Brexit are known.  Surely, in any walk of life, if something isn’t working you stop doing it before it is too late?

Yours faithfully

Richard Wilson
Secretary, Leeds for Europe​