Leeds - 24 March 2018 from 11am
More Speakers Announced
A raft of exciting speakers have now confirmed that they will address the rally after the conclusion of the Great Northern March on 24 March.  Speakers confirmed so far are:

JONATHAN BARTLEY - CO-LEADER OF THE GREEN PARTY OF ENGLAND AND WALES: Elected as joint Leader of the Green Party, alongside Caroline Lucas MP, in September 2016, Jonathan Bartley has a track record of being very vocal about his concerns over Brexit from a wide range of angles. Seeing beyond the illusion of it being a matter of foreign policy and sovereignty, he has joined others in pointing out that it is a direct attack on civil rights, workers rights and environmental protection.

LORD ADONIS: Andrew Adonis is one of the most outspoken critics of Brexit, which he famously described as a “dangerous, populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump” and just a “big mistake”.  He is also known for his strong opposition to the EU Withdrawal Bill, which is due to end its journey through parliament around the time of the march, referring to it as “the worst legislation of my lifetime”.  He has in recent times been a relentless campaigner against Brexit.

ELOISE TODD: Eloise became the Chief Executive Officer of anti-Brexit campaign organisation, Best for Britain in January 2016.  Originally from East Yorkshire, having been born just outside Hull, she is highly concerned that her home turf will be among the places where the impact of Brexit will be felt the hardest.

PROFESSOR AC GRAYLING: Another utterly tireless and determined campaigner against Brexit, Anthony Grayling is well known to us in Leeds for Europe, having addressed an enthralled audience at our public meeting in May 2017.  We are delighted to welcome him back to Leeds.  He has written a number of books, the latest being " Democracy and Its Crisis".

JOAN PONS LAPLANA: is a healthcare professional from Spain, who has dedicated himself to the NHS for over 17 years.  His  passionate appearances at numerous rallies over the past one and a half years have turned him into one of the most prominent spokesmen for EU citizens in the UK who readily identify with his experiences.

ELENA REMIGI: Elena is the founder and director of the Our Brexit Testimonies group and a co-editor of the book " In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU Citizens in the UK".  Since the book was published in June 2017, she  has toured the country, speaking at workshops, protests and other events,  including an appearance at the Stop Brexit Manchester march at the Conservative Party Conference in October 2017 alongside her co-author Veronique Martin.

SUE WILSON: Sue is the chair of Bremain in Spain, a group campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union and to protect the rights of British migrants living in Spain, as well as a steering committee member of British in Europe.  Passionate about Freedom of Movement, as well as the many other political, economic and social rights that the EU grants to the citizens of its member states, Sue is well-known for her tireless work in defending the interests of the community she represents.

RICHARD CORBETT MEP: Richard is well known to Leeds for Europe, having kindly supported several of our previous campaign events.  First elected as an MEP in 1996, he has represented Yorkshire & the Humber since 1999.  He is Leader of the Labour Members of the European Parliament, part of the centre-left Socialists & Democrats group.  Richard is also Vice Chair of the UK European Movement and also Chair in the European Parliament of the Labour Movement for Europe.

OFOC! (Our Future, Our Choice): OFOC! was founded and is led by Femi Oluwole, Lara Spirit, Will Dry, and Calum Millbank-Murphy. It now has over a hundred leaders at universities across the UK, together with others mobilising young people in work, at school or in training to campaign against Brexit.  We are delighted that all four of these inspirational young people will be at the Great Northern March to speak for the generation that will be most adversely affected by Brexit.  Find out more and join the OFOC! campaign at  ofoc.co.uk.
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The march will assemble at 11am on Saturday, 24 March on The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 3AA, in front of the Art Gallery.  The Headrow will be closed to traffic to allow the march to form and will remain closed until after completion of the event.

The march is a distance of 2.1 km, arriving back at the same position, at which point the rally and speeches will commence.  We estimate that the rally will commence at approximately 12.30pm, with the whole event being completed by around 3pm.

We still need volunteer marshals and first aiders to help on the day of the march.  Full briefing will be given before hand by experienced team leaders.  If you can help, or would like to enquire about what is involved, please email  marshalsandfirstaiders@stopbrexitmarch.com

Keep checking this page and  www.stopbrexitmarch.com for more updates about the march or see our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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If we are going to Stop Brexit we will need everyone who shares our objective to be coordinated, to encourage one another, promote each other's initiatives and - on occasion - to work for each other.  It has therefore been genuinely inspiring to see how other groups have rushed to support the Great Northern March.  We are moved by this and wish to pay tribute to all of the groups and people from across the country who have stepped in to help.  Please forgive us if we miss anyone off the following list - no disrespect is intended!

YORK FOR EUROPE: Our nearest neighbours and one of the first groups to spring into action after the referendum.  They have been out come rain or shine promoting the march.  We look forward to seeing a substantial group making the short journey down from the historic city of York.

SHEFFIELD FOR EUROPEGreat to see this group re-invigorated recently after a dormant period.  This is a real sign of the growth and increasing confidence of the anti-Brexit movement.  We look forward to working closely with our South Yorkshire friends in the coming months.

NORTH EAST FOR EUROPE:  Pioneers of regional Stop Brexit marching with their excellent 'North East March for Europe' in March 2017, we owe this group a debt of gratitude for showing us the catalytic effect that marches and rallies can have.  We wish them a successful event the day after the Great Northern March, on the following day, 25 March 2018.

MANCHESTER FOR EUROPE:  Late comers to the anti-Brexit scene, they have made up for it by making a massive contribution, not least with their day of action around the Conservative Party conference in October 2017, which Leeds for Europe were proud to support.

LIVERPOOL FOR EUROPE:  Another great northern city, which delivered an impressive 58% Remain vote in the referendum.  It will be nice to welcome our Liverpool friends back to Leeds, having appreciated their support for our previous, smaller events.

STOCKPORT FOR EUROPE: A wonderfully active group, apparently not at all over-awed by their proximity to neighbouring Manchester!

LANCASTER FOR EUROPE: Great supporters of the Great Northern March, we look forward to welcoming the Lancaster group to Leeds.

LANCASHIRE FOR EUROPE: We have agreed to a truce in the War of the Roses so that we can unite against the common enemy - Brexit!

NORTH WEST FOR EUROPE: An umbrella group for the various North West groups and for people who do not fall under any of the other local groups within the region.

HOPE FOR EUROPE: Great name!  But, it actually refers to this group's location, in the beautiful Hope Valley in the Peak District in Derbyshire.  If you are in the area, you may like to join their social event in Bamford on the evening before the Great Northern March.  We hope they will be in a fit state to make the journey to Leeds the following morning!

EU IN BRUMA special mention to our Midlands friends, who took the brave decision to cancel their own plans and throw themselves into supporting the Great Northern March instead.  EU In Brum will be running a coach to Leeds, tickets for which are still available via Eventbrite.

BRITAIN FOR EUROPE: Our umbrella organisation, uniting local and regional groups whilst retaining a strong emphasis on grass roots campaigning.  Britain for Europe facilitates the sharing of ideas between groups, whilst encouraging local autonomy, and represents the activist groups at the national level.

EUROPEAN MOVEMENT: Founded shortly after the Second World War, the European Movement has long promoted European values and the benefits of the UK's membership of the European Union.  It has now found a new role, working alongside the other organisations, such as Britain for Europe, which have sprung up in response to the EU Referendum result of 2016. 

BEST FOR BRITAIN: Another organisation formed as a result of the EU Referendum, this organisation focuses on training activists and supporting individuals and groups who wish to campaign against Brexit.  Famously, Best for Britain has been enormously successful in raising funds to finance the campaign and to pay for legal actions aimed at ensuring that democratic processes are upheld during the Brexit process.

STOP BREXIT LTD.: The team behind the phenomenally successful Stop Brexit march in Manchester on 1 October 2017, Stop Brexit Ltd. have provided fantastic support to Leeds for Europe in organising the Great Northern March.  Put quite simply, an event on this scale would not have been achieved without the expertise and incredible commitment to the cause put in by this team and we are enormously grateful to them for their involvement.
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About Leeds for Europe

Leeds for Europe is a group which campaigns through legal democratic means for the UK to remain in the European Union. 

We are not affiliated to any political party and welcome anyone who shares our aims. 

We are affiliated to Britain for Europe and the European Movement.
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What can I do to stop brexit?
Marches and rallies of the scale that we are planning require significant investment in infrastructure, logistics and promotion.  But this doesn't come cheap and we are reliant on hundreds of ordinary people, each contributing modest amounts of money to raise the substantial amount that we need.

Our crowdfunder seeks to raise £18,000 to cover the cost of organising and promoting the march and an accompanying rally.

Organised by Leeds for Europe in conjunction with StopBrexit Ltd, the Stop Brexit Great Northern March will be attended by thousands of people from around the North of England and much further afield, who will converge on Leeds for the greatest march the city has ever seen.

With a higher budget for advertising than the last major march, in Manchester on 1 October 2017, and with a top team of volunteers, we are confident of reaching and mobilising new audiences across Yorkshire and Humber, the North West and North East.

There is little time before the government wants to take Britain out of the EU, so it is important we act now.

Don’t sleepwalk into Brexit!  Please support the #GreatNorthernMarchand donate to this important cause.
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About The March

Leeds for Europe are proud to launch the Great Northern March to #StopBrexit.  Planned to co-incide with the one year anniversary of the triggering of Article 50, this will be one of the largest anti-Brexit demonstrations ever seen, and almost certainly the largest protest march ever seen in Yorkshire.  

We have been working closely with Peter French and his team – organisers of the excellent Stop Brexit march in Manchester on 1 October last year and the massive Unite for Europe march in London in March 2017, attended by an estimated 120,000 people.  Peter and his team have tremendous experience of publicising and organising events of the huge scale that we have in mind.  The march in Manchester included contributions from Sir Vince Cable, Alistair Campbell, AC Grayling and many more and we are working to secure a similar line-up of speakers for this march.

We are confident that this will be a fantastic event which will hopefully have a material impact on the Stop Brexit campaign.
But to do this we need a vast number of peope to participate, which is going to take a massive effort to spread the word far and wide.  Please start now to share this page with your friends, family, work colleagues, political contacts and anyone you meet.
We are uniting the north of England for this event, and are expecting people to travel from across Yorkshire, Lancashire, the north east, the north west and the Midlands.  In fact, this is intended to be an event of national significance.
Please watch this page and www.stopbrexitmarch.com for updates, and follow us on Twitter - @LeedsEurope.  If you have any questions, please email info@leedsforeurope.org.

Let us show the world that the people of Britain demand a Final Say on the Brexit deal and reserve the right to change our mind!