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Leeds for Europe campaigns through legal democratic means for the UK to remain in the European Union 

We are not affiliated to any politcal party and welcome anyone who shares our aims. 
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On the 23rd of June 37% of the British electorate voted to leave the European Union in an advisory referendum. 

During the campaign the Leave side repeatedly suggested that Britain could leave the EU without sacrificing the key benefits of membership. In essence, Britain could have its cake and eat it.  

Since the referendum the May government has made it clear that Britain will leave both the single market, the world's largest market place with over 500 million consumers, and the customs union. It is now obvious that the promises made during the election campaign will not be kept. 

Now that we know something about what kind of Brexit the government intends, we believe that the people should again be able to choose whether they wish to continue as members of the European Union or choose the course of hard Brexit the government has chosen for the country. 

What can I do to stop brexit?

Stop Brexit March and Rally
Manchester - Sunday, 1 October

Leeds for Europe will be participating in the day of protests timed to coincide with the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on Sunday, 1 October 2017.

Please join us to help to send a powerful message to Theresa May and her government that we want to Stop Brexit!  Contact us for details of our plans for the day and travel arrangements.